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Friday, 17 September 2010

Hat's off to all my artist friends

Top, Party In My head, by Paul Kennedy (Paul has painted one of his favourite models, his brother Adam, who is a finalist in The Aspect Prize this year)

Patricia Cain's Threadneedle Prize winning pastel, Building The Riverside

Early yesterday morning, as I tried to huckle my kids into their school uniforms, I got a text from my artist friend Trish (Patricia Cain)which read: 'Won the prize last nite. Didn't sink in then but am pretty happy today X x'

What a way to start the day! Further investigation online revealed that on Wednesday night, Trish had won The Threadneedle Prize, which is a national award, worth £25k to the winning artist.

Here's the link to the BBC story, to read more:


I first met Trish a few years ago before she was nominated for The Aspect Prize, Scotland's biggest independently-funded art prize. Trish won the Aspect Prize in January this year for her stunning studies of Glasgow's Riverside Museum under construction.

I did PR for the Prize for two years and one of the surprising things about this job was how attached I got to the participating artists. In the last two days, as well as hearing Trish's fab news, I've had emails from Alec Galloway and Paul Kennedy keeping me in the loop about what they're up to.

Almost in the same way as you get excited for your kids' successes, I find myself chuffed to hear that they are getting on well, getting commissions, selling work, being praised for their work.

For the record, Alec is working with Trish on pieces for her Kelvingrove exhibition next year (he has his own show in Greenock at the same time) and also just secured a glass commission for Maryhill Burgh Halls in the same place where Stephen Adam had his wonderful trade windows ...a mecca for glass boffins such as Alec (he says!)

As for Paul Kennedy, well, he has an exhibition of new work (such as the one pictured above - Party In My Head) opening at The Kelly Gallery in Douglas Street, Glasgow on October 1. The exhibition is entitled Urban Narrative.

Glasgow Boy Paul is a fine painter - and definitely one to watch.

This exhibition marks a change of direction for him. After focusing on portrait painting for most of last year, he says he has 'renewed his love for painting in a looser and more expressive manner that blends abstract elements with the more traditional style that previously dominated his work.'

Citing the Glasgow Boys Exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum as having had a huge impact on his new work, he also claims the chance sighting of two middle-aged women in Kelvingrove Park wearing hats made from newspapers and drinking wine also triggered a Eureka moment in his work.

The results, dear reader, speak for themselves...

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