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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Anthony d'Offay kicks off GSA's lecture season

Anyone interested in contemporary art should keep these lectures on the radar. The Glasgow School of Art’s FREE Friday Event lectures return to the GFT this month with a talk by renowned art dealer Anthony d’Offay on 28 January.

Anthony d’Offay began dealing in contemporary art in the 1960s and has been the main agent for Joseph Beuys and represented Christian Boltanski, Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Gilbert and George, Richard Long, Jeff Koons and Richard Hamilton. In the early 1990s d’Offay moved into representing the Young British Artists including Rachel Whiteread and Richard Patterson The Anthony d’Offay collection is currently touring UK galleries under the name Artists Rooms. This involves the temporary loan of groups of works, each by a single artist, for display together in a room. During his Friday Event, Anthony d’Offay will discuss a unique collection of 20th century photographs documenting the plight of black Americans.

The Friday Event Lecture Series has been running since the early 1990s and is The Glasgow School of Art’s flagship public lecture programme. Comprising a series of approximately twelve lectures held across the academic year, it brings major international speakers - artists, architects, designers, historians, and cultural theorists - to the City of Glasgow.

List of speakers at the Friday Event:

28 January
Anthony d’Offay
Without Sanctuary

A unique collection of Twentieth Century photography (put together here in the form of a film) documents the plight of black Americans in their struggle for freedom in the century following the abolition of slavery. Many of the most powerful images of the period, as well as key events and individuals who took part in this epic struggle, are contained within it. It includes harrowing images of segregation, lynching, the Ku Klux Klan, the murder of Emmett Till, the pursuit of voting rights, Rosa Parks and the bus boycott, the Selma March and the March on Washington where Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a Dream' speech, the Black Panthers, and the assassinations of Luther King and Malcolm X. The collection of photographs shown in this lecture will form part of a major exhibition that will subsequently join the ARTISTS ROOMS Touring Collection.
28th January, 11am-12.45pm, GFT, 9 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3

4 February
Louise Welsh
Robert Louis Stevenson and the Theatre of the Brain:
An exploration of creativity and the unconscious in a pre-Freudian age

Louise Welsh is the author of four novels and many short stories and articles. She has also written for radio and the stage, including a libretto for opera, and to date her work has been translated into twenty languages. She is the recipient of several awards including the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Award in 2003, The Stonewall Book Award (US) in 2004, as well as the Glasgow Lord Provost’s award. At the conclusion of her presentation Louise will also be answering questions on her current role as writer in residence for Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.
4th February, 11am-12.45pm, GFT, 9 Rose Street, G3

4 March
Richard Layzell
Falling Phoebe

This presentation explores truth, fiction, collaboration, space, personal history and humour, through a live experience of time and space and the digital friends of sound and video. What is the lecture form? What is its optimum length? Someone is talking here. And where are we going? Hold on and wait for the overview. And what a privilege to have your attention. Yes, it’s all true. Apart from the fiction, which may feel more real than the other. But don’t we all create narratives, both for our life experiences and our art? You said this. I did that. It’s irresistible. So let’s enjoy it.

In collaboration with New Territories – International Festival of Live Art, Scotland, 14 Feb – 26 March

4th March, 11am-12.45pm, GFT, 9 Rose Street, G3

Friday Event:
11.00am (prompt) – 12.45pm
Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, G3 6RB

For more information about the speakers and relevant weblinks go to: http://www.gsaevents.com/fridayevent.

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