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Sunday, 19 June 2011

From Holyroodhouse to Henley & Glasgow Print Studio

This gallery round-up appeared in The Herald Arts section on 18 June 2011

Contemporary and Modern British Painting
Bohun Gallery
15 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
01491 576228
Until Aug 13

Summer Boathouse by Annette Edgar

Many small private galleries in the south of England exhibit work by leading Scottish painters and while these artists are not exactly prophets without honour in their own land, it’s clear that they are rated very highly by those responsible for the hanging.
The Bohun Gallery in Henley-on-Thames is one such gallery. Its associate director, Joanna Cartwright points out this year alone, they have had a show by George Donald, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and Crawfurd Adamson.
Now, for their summer exhibition, they have brought together a clutch of fine Scottish artists, including Annette Edgar, Elizabeth Blackadder, Shona Barr, Marj Bond, James McDonald, Jennifer McRae and June Redfern.  They are in fine company, alongside the likes of Maggie Hambling, Mary Fedden and Julian Trevelyan. Fedden’s delightful oil painting Over the Sea to Skye reveals a mature artist whose creative fire shows no sign of dimming. 
Glasgow-based Annette Edgar is another mature artist who is making magic with a paintbrush lately. Her new work, such as Summer Boathouse, is ablaze with colour and purpose, as well as a poetic sense of place.
The Bohun Gallery’s mixed summer exhibition presents a rare opportunity to see such an well-regarded group of artists under one roof. With a wide variety of paintings, watercolours and prints produced over the last three decades in a range of genres, the exhibition offers a strong overview of some of the best of British art.
Gallery director Pat Jordan Evans says: “One of the pleasures of a show like this is the chance to experience the sheer range of approaches by British professional artists. The broad spectrum of work ensures that there is something here to appeal to every taste, which has made our summer exhibition a favourite with gallery regulars.”
Contemporary Monotypes
Glasgow Print Studio
Trongate 103, Glasgow
0141 552 0704
Until July 3
(Monathon next Saturday, June 25, 10.30am - 5pm)

Artists work on monotypes at Glasgow Print Studio

For the last few weeks, Glasgow Print Studio has been showing a fascinating exhibition of Contemporary Monotypes by Glasgow Print Studio members. Known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monoprint is a non edition-able kind of print which is essentially a printed painting. 
This technique is one that has recently grown in popularity among artists using Glasgow Print Studio. In response to this growing popularity Glasgow Print Studio has mounted an exhibition which celebrates the diversity of this exciting technique.
Artists featured in this show include leading figures in the Scottish art scene such as, John Byrne, Lesley Burr, Scott Campbell, Ashley Cook, Eileen Cooper, Ken Currie, Kate Downie, Peter Howson, Marc Jennings, Rosalind Lawless, Bruce McLean, Barbara Rae, Philip Reeves, Alasdair Wallace and Adrian Wiszniewski.
To coincide with Contemporary Monotypes, the print studio is running a special marathon printmaking event, the Monathon, next Saturday (June 25). On this day, the printmaking workshop will be a hive of activity with allocated slots for artists producing monoprints. The event is free and is open to the public to drop in and watch. There will also be an opportunity to buy the works hot off the press.
Artists taking part in the Monathon workshop event include Ashley Cook, Elspeth Lamb, Alasdair Wallace, Ian McNicol and June Carey to name just a few.
Alasdair Wallace, who is primarily known as a painters explains: “I found the process interesting, a bit like painting in slow motion or at some sort of remove. You don't see what you've done exactly until it comes through the press. You learn to anticipate but there is still an exciting element of surprise. It made me think more consciously about my painting process and how to translate it.”
The Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein
The Queen’s Gallery
Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh  
0131 556 5100
Until January 15, 2012
Apollo & Diana by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Following on from the opening of the Dürer’s Fame exhibition in the basement of the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, this exhibition continues the theme of celebrating the Renaissance in northern Europe.
The counterpart to the revolution in art and scholarship that took place in Italy during the 15th and 16th centuries, this period was dominated by the intense rivalry between the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor, the kings of France and Henry VIII of England.  
Political ambitions were mirrored by fierce competition between rulers to attract the best artists to their courts, among them Lucas Cranach the Elder, François Clouet, Leonardo da Vinci and Hans Holbein the Younger.
While monarchs vied for territorial power, reformers questioned the central tenets of Christian faith and scholars sought greater understanding of their world. At the heart of this new thinking was the challenge to the teachings of the Catholic Church initiated by Martin Luther.  
Artists responded by turning from emotive devotional subject-matter to portraiture and mythology, producing works of startling ingenuity, beauty and superb technical skill. 
Examples by the great masters Hans Memling, Quinten Massys and Albrecht Dürer are among over 100 paintings, drawings, prints, manuscripts, miniatures and sculpture now on display until early next year at The Queen’s Gallery in the majestic setting of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
On show here are works such as François Clouet’s Charles IX King of France as a Boy, (c.1561) and Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Apollo and Diana (c.1526) as well as his Judgement of Paris (c.1530–35). 
As the Dürer’s Fame exhibition also makes clear, the invention of the printing press in Germany around 1450, opened up the another world to the ordinary man in the street.
In this exhibition this idea is expanded upon and there are examples here of prints by Hans Holbein the Younger and Dürer.

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