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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Blast of Heat & Light

I wrote about a lovely house called Muncaidh House in North Ayrshire a few weeks ago for Scotland on Sunday, which you can read about here:

Muncaidh House in Scotland on Sunday's At Home mag

The owner, Alison Morrissey, has a great eye for design and is also a collector of original Scottish artwork.

I first heard about the house through the artist Charles Jamieson, who is a mutual friend. She has a lovely painting of Charlie's in her kitchen above an old bureau and it jumps off the wall to greet you when you walk into the room.

She also has work by Ayrshire based Claire Harrigan and her father, James. I really loved Claire's paintings – Alison has a couple. They have a real warmth to them and a sure sense of design. Her use of colour is beautiful. (It's clearly in her DNA...)

After I wrote about the house, by coincidence, another artist Jacqueline Orr emailed to tell me that Claire Harrigan and Hazel Nagl had a show at the Open Eye in gallery in Edinburgh and had I heard about it.

I hadn't – sometimes the jungle drums don't reach my ears – which is a shame as I'd love to have seen it.

Hazel's work is always a visual feast. In person, she is great company and her paintings are full of her own personality, coupled with a just-so sense of everything being in its place.

She also has lovely big painting which is very Hazel Nagl on show and for sale at the RGI exhibition in The Mitchell, Glasgow (on for another 10 days or so...)

The Open Eye exhibition is on until next week (Tuesday Nov 8) but I don't think I'll get to see it what with the hectic schedule that is the preserve of the modern working maw who tries to be at home for the kids tumbling in the door at 3.10pm. (I don't remember having so many things after school when I was a nipper...)

If you are at a loose end in Edinburgh, take a detour to the gallery ghetto around Dundas Street in the New Town and feel the heat of these lovely paintings, which as Jacqui Orr says, 'are an antidote to a dreich Scottish October.' (Make that November...)

If you can't go in person, here's a colour fix here:

Hazel Nagl & Claire Harrigan @ The Open Eye

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