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Monday, 27 February 2012

The Ins & Outs of Marketing Your Art

My Saturday Job

I co-hosted a Smart Art marketing event on Saturday at the Glasgow Art Club – a hidden treasure on the Glasgow art map which many working artists in the city have never set foot in.

My cohorts in this experimental exercise were artist and marketeer extrordinaire Frank To and photographer Ian Marshall of Lighthouse Photography. Both Ian and Frank are based at the WASPS artists' studio complex on Hanson Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow.

I learned a lot from Ian's presentation. He is a perfectionist, like so many photographers I know.

A few interesting things emerged from this workshop, which was (surprisingly) well attended for a one-off event which we promoted softly via our various contacts and through social media.

One artist, former Aspect Prize winner Katie Pope, even sent along her mum to take notes because she couldn't come! Another Aspect Prize luminary, Liz Knox was also there, alongside other established names, such as Hazel Nagl, Lesley Banks and George Devlin.

It was also good to meet artists like Ian Rawnsley, whom I had only met in the ether. Lesley Anne Derks and Catherine King also came up to say hello - both artists, they were key players in the campaign to save the Park Gallery in Falkirk.

Sheesh, you couldn't move for artists, thinking about it... the mega-talented Kennedy Boys, Paul and Adam, were there too. Sitting in the front row. Both very different but producing stunning work. About which, more at a later date...

(Poor Paul was even roped into assisting Frank with an illustration of how news can be spread... as a whisper OR AS A SHOUT OUT FAR AND WIDE!)

Designer turned artist Shaun McLaren, whom I worked alongside on the odd occasion I did subbing shifts on the old Sunday Herald magazine, came too.

Shaun has started making lovely artworks from flotsam and jetsam he picks up on the beach (see below). They are lovely things. He paints on the wood he finds and also brings a quietly subversive humour to the pieces he constructs. Something a bit George Wyllie about them....
by Shaun McLaren

Shaun mentioned the event in his new blog:


Artist Joe Hendry, who also works from Hanson Street WASPS, was there too.

I've been watching Joe's daily drawings on facebook this month and he's having the time of his life. He has a lovely line.

Joe is very good on the social media front anyway but in this fascinating post, he offers up some food-for-thought feedback:


Joe points out that many artists want to just get on with making their art, not marketing it. A fair point. But in the current climate, I'd recommend using every weapon in the armoury...

An 'unfinished' drawing by Joe Hendry

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